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Technical Specifications

Cotton Technology

What is combed cotton?

We noticed very quickly the key technologies we wanted in our product line . One such process is by combing the cotton.  Basically the combining process removes impurities and smaller strands which is discarded at a premium however the result a softer and a stronger shirt at a small premium.

What is ring-spun cotton?

In ring spun cotton the fibres are spun on a ring which aligns them. This spinning process results in a stronger yarn.  This creates a stronger and softer product. If you look you can actually see the tighter twist and less stray fibers creating a stronger product.

Our 3 lift pledge is to cover every base we can, so we decided to make sure any cotton in our products contains combed, ring-spun and many other advanced processes.

Ringspun v carded cotton

What is long staple cotton?

Another feature of our shirts is long staple cotton.  From the ground up, the shirt uses a long strain premium cotton plant. This is what makes famous cottons such as Egyptian or pima cotton luxurious.

This process means less stray fibres which results in a more smoother and stronger shirt .

Long staple cotton

Fabric Blend

What is a fabric blend?

A fabric blend is a combination of multiple materials which may include but not limited to cotton, polyester and rayon with the goal of combing the unique benefits and limiting negatives.

Why is most of our line blended?

Spoiler alert its not because it costs less, actually ironically it actually costs us more to produce.

We are a brand that focus on elite lifters that spend a lot of time in the gym we needed a line that would perform well in a gym environment and outperform most of our competitors.

The main reason why we use blends for most of our line has multiple reasons which are listed below : 

We wanted to create a product that is competitive with high end sport and fashion brands. We factored that spending a little extra on fabric technology you can spot the difference in was worth it . This all helps acheive our ethos which is bringing to market a quality product line we are proud of.





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